'We are praying to God that it's a false alarm': Uncertainty in San Francisco's Mission District over ICE raids

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Diana Linares is holding on to the hope that ICE raids won't happen in her neighborhood.

Her husband is undocumented and won't be going to work on Sunday.

"Hopefully it's a false alarm. We are praying to God that it's a false alarm," and added "We need to get prepared if they do catch him. We have to have our information. Not to open the doors and not to fill any papers."

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In every corner the sense of uncertainty is almost palpable.

"I work in the mission with preschoolers and so we notice that families and the streets are quieter cause they just have to be safe," said San Francisco native, Marianne Cariso.

At the bus stop, women were talking about the raids. In a laundromat, another woman who preferred not to be identified said her sister and her two children are undocumented and staying the night with her. They're afraid ICE knows where they live.

"Tu hermana te llamo y que te dijo? Que si se podia quedar en la casa con sus dos hijos. Yo no lo pense dos veces y le dije que si." (Your sister called and what did she tell you? - "She asked if she could stay with her two children over my house tonight.")

Aura Leticia Gonzalez is a street vendor whose only wish tonight is for the federal government to rethink the scheduled raids.

"Yo le pido a Dios que los gobernadores se pongan la mano en la conciencia." (I pray to God that politicians would have some heart.)

Immigration lawyers with the rapid response network say they are ready and want the undocumented community to know their rights.

"From Contra Costa, Sacramento, down to Monterey and Santa Clara County we have dozens of immigration attorneys at free cost ready to represent you," said Pangea's attorney Luis Angel Reyes.
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