San Mateo's Tunitas Creek Beach gets a makeover, Martins Beach could open to public

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. (KGO) -- New facilities are coming to a San Mateo County beach known for big parties and the mess left behind.

The Peninsula Open Space Trust purchased 58 acres of land next to Tunitas Creek Beach for a new county park.

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At a press conference Friday morning, State Sen. Jerry Hill, Assembly Speaker Pro Tempore Kevin Mullin, and Assembly Member Marc Berman announced $5 million in state funds will go to creating the Tunitas Creek Beach County Park.

That means a trail and parking, a ranger station, restrooms and habitat restoration at a beach that has had no facilities to accommodate people.

Work on the park could begin in September.

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They also announced funding to establish a public right-of-way to nearby Martins Beach.

Silicon Valley billionaire Vinod Khosla bought 89 acres of coastline almost a decade ago and then closed the gate on a private road to Martins Beach, effectively blocking public access.

The state is now allocating funds for the possibility that the road will eventually be taken over using eminent domain.

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"We were able to establish a $1 million fund from the State Lands Commission that can accept donations that can be used to purchase the road leading to Martins Beach. We all shared the desire to have that gate open sun up to sundown," State Sen. Hill said.

Khosla was sued to open up the gate and the courts have ruled against him.

He has now asked the U.S. Supreme Court to review the case.
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