Looking for a gift for someone who has everything? Name a species after them!

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Are you looking for a gift for that person who has everything?

Well, maybe what you need isn't available at the mall. Perhaps only wildlands and scientists can come up with that perfect gift.

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The Rainforest Trust has an idea for you.

"We have 12 species new to science species, species that were discovered in protected areas that we created in central and south America," says Leslie VanSant with the environmental group Rainforest Trust. "So we are auctioning off the right to name those species in celebration of our 30th anniversary. It is the ultimate gift."

If you place the winning bid you could name a frog, an orchid or a mouse -- 12 different species.

James Muchmore has been donating to the Rainforest Trust for years. He doesn't need a new reason, but naming a species? That is cool.

"How many people get to do that," James asks, "Very few I'm guessing, so, wow, this couldn't be any cooler."

He says he is interested in bidding on one of four orchids.

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"I am really interested in the orchids as well as the Ecuadorian frog that has blue eyes."

I ask if he is going to name it after himself.

"No, I think it is definitely cooler naming it after someone else." He says, "I think it makes it a little more special."

Of course, he's right. So what are the rules? Well, as long as the name is not rude or inappropriate, it is pretty much good to go.

Up for auction are four frogs, four orchids, a Salamander, a legless amphibian, ant, and mouse.

For more information, visit this page.

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