Job search companies to help find solutions to teacher shortages as SF struggles to fill vacancies

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Thursday, September 1, 2022
Job search companies to help find solutions to teacher shortages
Job search companies Indeed, ZipRecruiter and Handshake will help find solutions to the nation's teacher shortages, says the Biden Administration.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Addressing the country's teacher shortage will require an "all hands-on-deck" effort, according to one of the largest job search companies in the U.S.

The Biden administration announced that three partners -- Indeed, ZipRecruiter and Handshake -- will work to help school districts hire the teachers they need.

The challenge for San Francisco public schools is hiring those in Special Education, Math, Science and even Language Arts.

Currently, there are 19 classes district-wide that do not have a permanent teacher.

"For those 19 classroom vacancies, we are filling them with substitutes, which we know is not ideal," said Laura Dudnick, spokesperson for the San Francisco Unified School District.

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The United Educators of San Francisco says many teachers are not paid enough to live in the city, and staffing shortages are leading to burnouts.

This shortage is not exclusive to San Francisco. School districts, especially those in big urban areas, are calling it a national crisis.

"It's an ongoing challenge so we've been expanding our efforts to recruit educators by holding webinars and sending out fliers," added Dudnick.

During the summer, San Francisco and Oakland Unified went so far as to ask families if they knew of anyone who wanted to apply for a teaching position.

"We know this has been a problem for a long time," First Lady Jill Biden told a group of CEOs from several major job search companies.

The Biden administration announced several of these companies will help districts recruit and hire prospective teachers.

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Zip Recruiter will now have an online job portal specifically for K through 12 schools.

Indeed will conduct virtual hiring fairs for educators all over the country.

Handshake will share job openings with undergraduate college students who are majoring in education.

The First Lady called it a powerful coalition.

"And we are all ready to get to work to make sure that our students have the teachers they need and deserve," said Mrs. Biden.

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In the meantime, San Francisco schools will continue to promote its pathway to education program at high schools, in hopes that more students will pick a career as an educator.

Grace Liao, a senior at Lincoln High School, is one of them.

"If I were to become a teacher, I want my students to be the best that they can be, and I want them to live up to their whole potential, and I can help shape that. I can help them," said Liao.

Retaining teachers is just as crucial. The First Lady emphasized that school districts have to give them the pay and the support they need.

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