Bay Area companies, big and small, issue vaccine mandates as Pres. Biden announces new incentives

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Thursday, July 29, 2021
Bay Area companies, big and small, issue COVID-19 vaccine mandates
Neverland, a Bay Area start-up with 10 employees, is requiring workers to get vaccinated, joining tech giants like Facebook, Twitter and Uber.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Pres. Joe Biden announced new incentives on Thursday for Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccination.

The federal government will fully reimburse any small or medium sized business that provides workers with paid time off to get vaccinated or take their family members to get vaccinated

"Employers, this costs you nothing," the president said.

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The president asked states and cities to use federal rescue funds to give $100 to anyone who gets fully vaccinated from now on.

Every federal government employee will also be asked to attest to their vaccination status.

"Anyone who does not attest or is not vaccinated will be required to mask no matter where they work, test one or two times a week to see if they've acquired COVID, socially distance and generally will not be allowed to travel for work," Biden said.

Similar standards will apply for federal contractors.

From the public to private sector, Uber announced it'll delay office its reopening and make the coronavirus vaccination mandatory for U.S. employees.

Following in the footsteps of companies like Facebook and Twitter, which announced they'll require employees to be vaccinated before returning to the office.

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Twitter also announced the closing of their offices in San Francisco and New York Wednesday after those locations had recently reopened at 50% capacity.

It's not just tech giants, smaller Bay Area start-ups are also issuing vaccine requirements.

Hayley Leibson is the cofounder and co-CEO of Neverland, an online home garden marketplace.

"We've been working remotely thus far we're a team of 10, but we're a hybrid company that'll meet in person twice a year," said Leibson.

Before that in-person meeting, Leibson says Neverland is requiring all employees get vaccinated.

"We think it's extremely important for us and our employees to be vaccinated in order to best protect ourselves and our communities," she said.

Leibson says any employee who is not vaccinated would not be able to attend the in-person meeting.

"We hope that more start-ups and more technology companies require that their employees get vaccinated as well to protect communities," said Leibson.

A move by the government and private employers to protect the public.

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