Bob Saget tackles edgier viewer videos on 'Videos After Dark' on ABC

ByJennifer Matarese KGO logo
Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Bob Saget tackles edgier viewer videos on 'Videos After Dark'
Jennifer Matarese talks to Bob Saget about his new viewer video show on ABC.

NEW YORK -- Bob Saget is seeing success with a reboot of Full House called Fuller House, so why not try a modern version of another late '80s early '90s hit America's Funniest Videos?

Videos After Dark features viewer videos with an edgier twist.

"I'll start talking and I'll keep talking and people will be like wow, this isn't like the old show," Saget said. "And I'm also like the dad who says, now don't do this, stop talking like this and I can do an example of what not to say, but really I didn't think I'd have this much fun!"

Incredible real-life mishaps, uproarious blunders, and extremely bad decisions are celebrated and highlighted with Saget's comedic commentary.

"All five of my voices from my AFV days, it's so funny because back in the day 30 years ago, well in 1989, I would do the voices, look out, owww, uh oh, and they're back because I only got five, but I'll do multi-track like there will be three ducks walking together and they'll all have a different voice, so it's really fun to do that," Saget said.

Producer Vin Di Bona and Saget worked together on the original America's Funniest Videos. That was back in the day where people had to submit their videos via VHS tapes. Now AFV is hosted by Alfonso Ribeiro and videos for both shows can be uploaded on their websites.

This show is purely for the enjoyment, there's no big money winner each episode.

"There's no contest, you get $500 if you send a tape, not a tape! If you upload it," Saget said.

ABC is airing a special first-look episode of Videos After Dark, TONIGHT at 10/9c following the epic conclusion to the two-night season finale of The Bachelor, on The ABC Television Network.

"I think I might be the one, but when I see him (Colton) at Jimmy Kimmel Live that has to be pre-taped and then he's going to go over and do the live Bachelor, and I actually wanted to be on that show but they would only put me on for 10 seconds or something. I wanted to interrupt right before he was going to pick the one, but I think he's going to find somebody, I hung out with him and he smells good, he washes a lot," Saget said.