Warriors launch auction to help save fan's West Oakland blue and gold home

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- First, a GoFundMe. Now an auction. Many people are trying to help a West Oakland man keep his well-known Warriors home.

"It feels like i'm not even alive. I feel like i'm in heaven. It feel like a dream come true," house owner Lloyd Canamore said.

Canamore has lived in what's become known as the "Warriors House" for 50 years.

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The bank says he owes $350,000.

His neighbor set up a GoFundMe, which has raised more than $256,000 after Steph Curry shared it on his Instagram story.

"It's incredible. But it also is a reminder that a lot of people are in this situation every day. Like, people who don't have their houses painted like Warriors and they need just as much help. I say a closed mouth don't get fed, and if I'd have been quiet, they would have took my house then they would have tore this dub nation house down and this house, it's a landmark," Canamore said.

In that Warriors auction on eBay, you can bid on a package that includes lunch with Steve Kerr and autographed jerseys and shoes.
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