Passionate Warriors fans show off blue and gold Dubs dream home

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- ABC7 News may have found the biggest Warriors fan in Oakland Friday. Tucked in the shadow of the Oakland skyline there is a little house on the west side of town -- a house that clearly stands out, all decked out in blue and gold.

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"I'm number one Warrior fan -- ain't nobody like me," said Lloyd Canamore.

He and his mother Clemmie aren't shy about displaying their Warriors pride.

They've got the garb to go with the house, which has become a gathering place for neighbors.

"Lloyd's a true Warrior fan. I'm a Warrior fan, fan for life," said friend Austin Goldsmith. "So we're going to do this, folks. It's going to be a nice one so I want everyone to calm down. Don't burn no sofas, none of that stuff and just have fun."

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Canamore goes way back with the Warriors -- 1979 to be exact.

He was once a soda vendor at the arena and has a photo with former Warriors forward Sonny Parker.

The Canamores' enthusiasm is contagious.

Darrell Langston didn't paint his house, but he did spruce up his blue car with a little gold trim.

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"We're tough Warrior fans out here you know," said Langston. "The Dub Nation -- it's a nation, not just a group."

The novelty of the house is not lost on passersby who often stop to take pictures.

After all, when your whole world revolves around a winning team like the Warriors -- you've just got to show it.

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