St. Matthew's Catholic School students return to class after water main break in San Mateo

SAN MATEO, Calif. (KGO) -- Students at Saint Matthew's Catholic School in San Mateo are back hitting the books after a water main break flooded the campus and forced classes to be cancelled on Thursday and Friday.

For most of the 600 students at the kindergarten through eighth grade school, it's back to normal.

"They had two beautiful days off, too," said St. Matthew's Director of Student Affairs, Beckie Caldwell. "The weather was gorgeous last week, but everybody was anxious to return today."

A classroom and pavilion were damaged, but the biggest victim is the 5-year-old gymnasium, used by many basketball teams.

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Saint Matthews's basketball league still has about three weeks left in their season.

Nearby schools have offered up their facilities for the remaining games.

Saint Matthew's is hoping the repairs for the classroom and gymnasium won't take too long.

"We're hoping the gymnasium will be done in about eight weeks," said Caldwell. "Hopefully maybe a little bit sooner. And then we'll really be back to normal."

Saint Matthews Catholic Church did have damage to some carpeting and a storage area but services were held over the weekend.
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