Boats flounder to shore in North Bay due to storm

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- people in Marin County spent Wednesday cleaning up debris from the storm while looking ahead to future systems of rain.

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The pasture named after Blackie, a beloved horse in Tiburon, has a reputation for shipwrecks after a big storm.

"I mean the wind was howling through here yesterday and the sea always wins," said Alison Bers of Mill Valley.

Bers was one of many regulars passing through Wednesday who found boat after boat floundering, if not falling apart on the shore. Most blew in from the anchorage off Sausalito.

Steve Strieter of occidental towing did his fair share of dragging things away in the rain like many boat owners had to do. When Strieter sees water on the rise that's like money on the way to the bank.

There was an extreme situation near Valley Ford Wednesday Morning when the driver of a Mercedes-Benz remained trapped in her car with water rising all around her until a milk truck driver waded in and carried her out.

"She was embarrassed," said Strieter. "She was a nice lady but she said she was stupid. i disagreed. It was dark, hard to judge the depth of the water."

If any lesson can be learned during storm season in Marin County it's to be cautious when driving through water and to throw out an extra anchor when living on it.

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