PG&E preparing for powerful EL Nino

EMERYVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- Forecasters expect a strong El Nino through the winter, which could fuel powerful storms here in the Bay Area. On Tuesday, PG&E shared its plan for dealing with winter storms.

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PG&E has been preparing for El Nino for years, since pretty much the last major El Nino season back in 1997 and 1998.

Remember the last one when rain and wind hit, leading to mudslides and falling trees?

On Monday, the Bay Area got some wet weather. But the heaviest is expected in mid to late winter.

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"Today's nice, but yesterday we had a dose of weather," said Barry Anderson with PG&E. "There could be more to come from this. So I think everyone just needs to be on a high alert."

At a roundtable, emergency officials discussed the best way to be prepared.

"Take 10 minutes and look at your house," said Cynthia Shaw with the American Red Cross. "What are the medicines you need? Grab some water bottles, have a container that you can put this all in and it's easily accessible."

At Tuesday's event, PG&E walked a woman through a demonstration, as if she was a driver who encountered downed power lines.

"A person should not get out of their vehicle should they find themselves with an electrical line," said Dane Lobb with PG&E. "They should remain in place."

Call 911 and wait for utility crews to de-energize the line.

As a very last resort - like if your car is one fire - jump from the car with your feet together and shuffle or bunny hop away.

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