Super-low tides along Bay Area beaches, shorelines reveal hidden sea life

SAN MATEO COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- It's going to be warm across much of the Bay Area this week. It could be the perfect time to go to the beach and not just to cool off.

ABC7 News Meteorologist Mike Nicco is tracking super low tides along Bay Area beaches and shorelines.

"This is the opposite of King Tides, the term we use to talk about the extraordinary high tides that cause flooding in the winter when the sun is closest to the earth," said Nicco. "We are getting the complete opposite now. The sun is farthest from the earth right now, and that's why we are having these extreme low tides that are unveiling sea life that we don't normally get to see."

Nicco's Accuweather forecast shows the next super low tides are expected on June 6, July 3-5 and July 31 - August 2.

SKY7 spotted a group of seals at Fitzgerald Marine Reserve in Moss Beach relaxing on a rock during Wednesday's super low tide.

"You can do the same, just be careful venturing out, rocks could be a little slippery because of moss, but if you do go out there you're going to see things usually hidden by water," said Nicco.

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