Weaver's Winter Wonderland to dazzle Rohnert Park residents

ROHNERT PARK, Calif. (KGO) -- Rohnert Park residents are counting the days and nights until December 1, when a holiday tradition returns.

But there's a twist this year as Weaver's Winter Wonderland comes to an end this year.

Scott Weaver turned his home into a castle and around Rohnert Park he and his home need no introduction.

Every item at the home is hand-crafted by Scott. At least 40,000 lights illuminate the home the decorations get more elaborate with every season until this season because this is the last year he'll put on this incredible display.

"I think changes in my inner self that I wanted to do things and realizing how many eight hour days I do here and how I put everything else off," Weaver's said.

Now let's toss in other factors, a case of too much success, perhaps. When Weaver's Winter Wonderland earned first prize in a national contest, it seemed the world began passing by clogging up the cul de sac. "Some of our neighbors embraced it. Some of them didn't," neighbor Donna Harrison said.

For a guy who spent five months a year on this, maybe that's all the push he needed. After December 25 it will be no more.

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