'Wheel of Fortune' contestant hilariously guesses ABC7's David Louie, instead of rock legend David Bowie

Give her a break. She was "Under Pressure."

ByDavid Louie and Julianne Herrera KGO logo
Thursday, December 31, 2020
ABC7's David Louie gets hilarious mention on 'Wheel of Fortune'
A Bay Area contestant on "Wheel of Fortune" went for the win - but she hilariously guessed ABC7 News reporter David Louie, instead of rock legend David Bowie, as the artist who collaborated with Queen on the song "Under Pressure."

PINOLE, Calif. (KGO) -- A Bay Area contestant on "Wheel of Fortune" definitely folded "Under Pressure" when it came time to solve the puzzle.

On an episode that aired on Nov. 26, Jacquelyn Rios from Pinole confidently stated she was ready to guess the phrase on the board. Basically, all that was missing was a name that appeared to be David "Somebody."

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If you know your music history, it would be obvious which David was the answer. But if you're from the Bay Area, it's quite possible that a certain local celebrity would come to mind instead.

With the letters already on display, you could see the song title "Under Pressure" fully filled out.

She just needed to know the artists who created the classic rock hit.

When going in for the win, Rios guessed, "'Under Pressure' by Queen and David Louie."

The correct response would have been legendary singer and songwriter David Bowie.

On social media, some joked that Rios "knows her Bay Area news reporters better than her British rock singers."

Who can blame her? They are both legends!

When interviewed by David Louie, she said, "I was just under so much pressure, and I thought of you and ABC7 since I grew up watching you guys, and that's the first thing that came to my mind. So that's what I said, and I instantly knew it was incorrect. But I figured I better say something than nothing."