Utah man arrested for allegedly making threats against YouTube employees in San Bruno

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Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Utah man arrested for allegedly making threats against YouTube employees in San Bruno
A Utah man is accused of making online threats to shoot YouTube employees, going so far as to drive to their San Bruno headquarters with a gun.

SAN BRUNO, Calif. (KGO) -- A Utah man was arrested for allegedly making threats against Youtube employees.

State of Utah documents obtained by ABC7 News confirms that 35-year-old David Levon Swanson made several threatening comments against Youtube employees in September, December and in May.

"He admitted to posting those comments and talked more about how it was a play on words and that when he was referring to shooting, he was referring more to a cellphone or a video camera," said Lieutenant Trent Colledge with the Orem Police Department.

The FBI was involved in the investigation that led to Swanson's arrest. When confronted by authorities, Sawnson admitted to owning a handgun and driving to California earlier in May.

"Did he say where he visited? He said the Bay Area, but as far as the exact location we don't know," said Lieutenant Colledge.

Around the YouTube campus, security guards are seen in almost every corner. Employees around the area say this type of security wasn't the norm a year ago.

"I noticed it because I walk to the plaza by the YouTube building and I have noticed that they have security guards where they didn't use to have security guards before. At the entrance of the parking lots and just in general by the door, there are more security guards," said nearby employee Leo Alzhin.

In a statement, YouTube responded: "Our number one priority is to protect the safety and welfare of everyone that works at YouTube. Our security team is aware of this threat and is working closely with law enforcement to monitor the situation."

Swanson is facing a felony charge of making terrorist threats and was released from jail Sunday after posting $100,000 bail.

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