Zoom teams up with MLB to bring real-time replay reviews to fans

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Sunday, April 16, 2023
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SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- With baseball season now in full swing, a partnership between Major League Baseball and Zoom is bringing new replay technology to fans.

Andrei Losche is the head of brand partnerships with Zoom. He says baseball is embracing technology in new ways.

"At the heart of our partnership is the 'replay review' and that process now being powered by Zoom Contact Center Solutions," Losche said.

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It all begins when the umpire needs a second look at a play.

"When they decide to initiate a 'replay review,' there are technicians at ballparks across the nation who will bring a tablet out to the umpire. The umpire will then be connected to the replay operations center through our Contact Center Solution," Losche said.

There, you, as the fan, get to hear the decision making on a given play, in real time. Think of it as a control room in a news station.

"There will be a rules analyst who's brought into the feed talking through the call - what's being reviewed, what to expect whether or not they think the call will be upheld or overturned based on the rules of the game, so fans are going to get multiple new looks at what is a revamped process and something that we're really excited about," Losche said.

During every national broadcast, fans will get to see the replay review in action on the MLB Network.

Brandon Delaguardia is a Giants fan. He likes the idea of getting a behind the scenes look at footage.

"I think the human error adds some kind of interest to the game for me but, I guess I don't mind like technology being included because that's the way the world is going," Delaguardia said.

Whether it's a memorable homerun or foul ball - fans remember close calls.

"I look back at game one of ALCS in 1996 with the Yankees and Orioles and the Derek Jeter homerun that wasn't and kind of thinking at that point there's a reason why this technology needs to be implemented," Losche said.

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