Meteorologist warns others after kids allegedly contract COVID from unvaccinated relative

By6abc Digital Staff, Sharrie Williams, Kristen Sze WPVI logo
Tuesday, July 20, 2021
Meteorologist opens up about his family's COVID health scare
Action News' Adam Joseph is speaking out about the seriousness of COVID-19 after his children and others were recently infected with the virus.

PHILADELPHIA -- Meteorologist Adam Joseph from our sister station WPVI in Philadelphia is speaking out and warning others about the coronavirus after his children and others close to him were recently infected with the virus.

Adam is a father first, and these past few days have been very difficult.

"Our number one job is to protect our children and we did that up until a week and a half ago," he said in an interview with WPVI anchor Sharrie Williams. "To think that we possibly -- that we slipped up, that we did this -- I know we're good parents but it's hard to swallow this."

Adam invited a close family member to stay at their home. The relative was not vaccinated against COVID-19. So, the invitation came with one stipulation.

"You can come here but you have to get a COVID test. They did and it was negative," he recalled.

Adam Joseph opens up about his family's COVID-19 health scare and hopes his experience inspires others to take action.

But 48 hours later, the visiting relative fell very ill and eventually tested positive for COVID-19.

Two days later, Adam's 6-year-old son Jacob had a fever and chills. Adam's daughter Hannah then began having a cough. Both children tested positive for COVID-19 soon after.

And the virus also spread to a babysitter who watches Adam's children and her family as well.

"As a parent, it's scary to watch and your child asking, 'Daddy, what's wrong? Why do I have the chills? Can you hug me?'" said Adam of his children.

His kids are feeling better but some of the others infected by the virus are still seriously ill.

Adam wants to stress the message of avoiding children under 12 and taking proper precautions if you're not vaccinated:

"Please, if you are not vaccinated, do not go around children who are 12, they're so vulnerable right now. They do not have a choice to get the vaccine. At this point, we need to protect our children, and make sure they stay healthy because this Delta variant is affecting kids. This new Delta variant is affecting vaccinated people as well... It's everyone's choice, we're all adults, whether we want to get vaccinated or not. I'm not here to push that. I'm just asking you --begging you-- if you're not vaccinated, to wear a mask wherever you go in public, even though it's not mandatory - that's for vaccinated people."

You can watch Adam's full message in the video below.