Consumer Catch-up: Duncan Hines cake mix recall, FCC asking tech companies for robocall help

Duncan Hines cake mix recall

If you have cake mix in your cupboard, check it for safety. Duncan Hines is recalling more than two million boxes that may be contaminated with salmonella.

The cake mix giant is recalling four of its most popular brands after reports of five salmonella cases. In each case, several people reported getting sick after eating the cake.

The recall covers Duncan Hines classic white, classic yellow, golden butter, and confetti cake mixes.

All affected boxes have a best-by date of March 7 - March 13, 2019.

Duncan Hines says those who got sick may have consumed some raw cake batter. The company advises never to lick the mixing bowl or any unbaked mix. It contains eggs which can carry bacteria.

Anyone with a recalled mix can return it to the store where you bought it.

FCC asking for robocall help

The Federal Communications Commission wants help from big tech to stop robocalls.

The FCC sent letters to 14 tech companies asking for help in tracing who's making the illegal calls.

The organization says scammers are buying voice-over internet phone numbers, or VOIP, that appear to come from a local area code.

Victims are more likely to pick up the call if it seems to be local.

The FCC wants companies to develop "trace-back" technology that can locate the real callers. The FCC can then prosecute even if violators are overseas.

Today's letters went out to companies ranging from Google to Sprint and AT&T.

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