Hundreds attend anti-gun violence rally in Napa

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- Imagine the kind of event you would never want to attend, but from which you could not stay away. That happened in Napa, Monday morning.

"Our student leaders-- they figured this out. They want change," said Congressman Mike Thompson.

Thompson joined the mix of politicians, parents and children, prompted by the death of Napa native Aliana Housley, a victim of the mass shootings in Thousand Oaks, last week.

"She was so smart and hard working. And I firmly believe she would change the world," said one of her friends.

Less than a week ago, no one here could have imagined Alaina changing it this way.

Even Alaina's father, Arik, and mother, Hannah attended. Arik received as much comfort as he gave.

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"This is just senseless acts of violence because we are not there for one another."

Arik cautioned news media about mentioning the names of attackers. "It celebritizes them."

Supporters of the rally and march wanted to make the point, today, that this wasn't anti-gun, but anti-gun violence. They see a distinction.

"People can use guns for hunting," said organizer Erin Shae. "But not with people carrying guns in rooms with others. Especially if they have mental health issues."

"If this is the platform we need to raise her voice, it saves one more life, stops one more shooting, then it is worth it," said Arik Housley, who intends to establish a foundation called Alana's Voice. "We know her voice will live on."

In Napa, one might describe this as grieving with a purpose.

What else can anyone do after such tragedy?
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