Alameda County food bank $2.5 million short of fundraising goal, needs donations

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Saturday, December 21, 2019
Alameda Co. Food Bank $2.5 million short of fundraising goal
One in five people in Alameda County receives some sort of food assistance and it's proving to put a strain on the county's food bank.

ALAMEDA COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- The cost of living in the Bay Area is so high, that even working people can have trouble putting food on the table. That's where our local food banks come in.

It's not that the shelves are empty at the Alameda County Food Bank on the Friday before Christmas. Supplies are good, but the need is great, even for people working one or even two jobs

"They can keep a roof over their heads, they can keep gas in the car, they can keep the lights on. At the end of the day, there's not a lot left for a healthy meal. That's where we come in," said Michael Altfest with the Alameda County Food Bank.

It's the bank account that needs help.

Altfest says they have a goal of raising two-thirds of operating funds by Dec. 31. That's about $6 million.

"We're about $2.5 million short of that goal. That's about $500,000 more to raise in the last two weeks of the year than we saw last year," explained Altfest.

So they need donations and this is how it pays off.

Debra Mitchell picked up food for her family on Friday at the Berkeley food bank assistance program. Some of the supplies there come from the Alameda County Food Bank.

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"I don't have money to buy the food, so there with this program, with the money I have, it just makes the whole thing come in a whole circle together," said Mitchell.

"Every one dollar that you donate to the food bank, we're able to provide seven dollars worth of food, retail value, to our community," said Altfest.

With unemployment at a fifty-year low and the stock market nearing record highs, it's amazing to think that one in five people in Alameda County receives some sort of food assistance. If you would like to make a cash donation to the Alameda County Community Food Bank click here.

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