Accused killer, high-price call girl's dark social media posts

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Thursday, July 10, 2014

Arrested on July 4th for her involvement in the death of Google executive Forrest Timothy Hayes, the story behind manslaughter suspect Alix Catherine Tichelman is becoming increasingly bizarre. Known as a model, among other things, Tichelman posted numerous scandalous and suggestive photos to her Facebook and Twitter accounts, all covered in heavy dark makeup and tattoos. A glance at the 26 year-old's social media posts shows a variety of intense emotions, ranging from depression, insecurity and rage.

Hayes was found dead aboard his private yacht in the Santa Cruz harbor. Reportedly, surveillance footage captured Tichelman injecting Hayes with a lethal dose of heroin, before attempting to obscure evidence after Hayes fell unconscious. Read the full story here.

KGO noted that Tichelman met her clients through a website, "Seeking Arrangement," and that the site caters to "sugar daddy" arrangements. The site claims to have more than 3,000,000 users; Tichelman has allegedly met over 200 clients via the site.

On July 4th, police confirmed Tichelman operating as a 'call girl' by luring her out of her home in Folsom, CA to Santa Cruz County in a prostitution sting. Posing as a potential client, a detective offered Tichelman more than $1,000 for sex before she agreed to meet him. Upon arriving at the agreed location, she was promptly arrested. Now facing several charges, including manslaughter, Tichelman is being held on a $1,500,000 bail.

A video of Tichelman explaining how she creates her signature smokey eye makeup. Tichelman's Twitter profile claims she is a "makeup artist, model, stylist, hustler, writer, exotic dancer."

Tichelman's Facebook profile has since been removed from the site.