'I am so grateful': Amazon driver tracks down Vallejo man's stolen truck

Thursday, August 5, 2021
Amazon driver tracks down Vallejo man's stolen truck
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Vallejo resident Mark Cutlip had recently started his junk hauling business when his truck and trailer were stolen.

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- An Amazon delivery person saved the day in Vallejo when he found a stolen truck and trailer belonging to one of his customers.

Mark Cutlip says his truck and trailer were stolen Tuesday morning. He uses them for his new junk hauling business, Hauling Assistant.

"I called the Vallejo Police Department and a couple of friends who help me put in on social media," Cutlip said.

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But then an Amazon delivery arrived at his home and he had an idea.

"I showed him a picture of my truck and trailer and asked him to keep an eye out for it and gave him my business card."

Tuesday night, he got a call.

"And he said 'are you the guy with the stolen truck and trailer?' And I said yes. And he says, 'I am your Amazon delivery guy and I am standing in front of your truck and trailer about a mile down the road," Cutlip explained. "I was ecstatic! I made it to his location in a couple seconds!"

Cutlip says the driver's name is Henry Martinez Jr.

Cutlip considers him an angel.

VIDEO: Amazon driver who found Vallejo man's stolen truck, trailer describes 'act of kindness'

"You never know who is going to have the act of kindness in them and be looking out for someone else. The message is, higher power, prayer and power and there are still some good people out there."

The thief had stolen the catalytic converter. But Cutlip says at least he got the truck back. He just started his hauling business a few months ago.

"I saved every dime so I could get a dump bed trailer so I could make a legitimate career out of this, that is the goal. I wouldn't have been able to buy all this again. I am so grateful to God, to Henry Martinez, Jr. from Amazon," Cutlip said.

Amazon released this statement in response to the driver's act of kindness:

"We love hearing stories about drivers who go above and beyond for customers. We're inspired by Henry's actions and have celebrated him for his heroic actions. We're proud of the work drivers do every day while delivering for Amazon."

ABC7 News also reached out to the spokesperson for the Vallejo Police Department, Brittany Jackson, to ask about the investigation and the issue of catalytic converter theft, but Jackson did not return the call.

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