10 Amazon deals for your pet

ByChi Tran & Emma Zlotowitz KGO logo
Tuesday, August 8, 2023

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Has your new pet consumed every facet of your life? Would you do everything to provide the ultimate comfortable life for them? Look no further as Amazon has released sales on all the best pet items, from travel bags and slow food feeders to pet beds and security cameras.

1. Cat Travel Bag - $34.39

Look at this cute little cat. How could you not fall in love with this simple yet stylish cat travel bag? Anything for your most loved one.

Image credit: Amazon

2. Automatic Feeder - $55.99

This high-tech, easy-to-clean pet food feeder will dispense food for your beloved feline whenever you're not around, because you need to play hard-to-get with your cats. Their next meals will be minimal-fuss for your comfort.

Image credit: Amazon

3. Mesh Pet Travel Carrier - $24.63

This soft-sided carrier comes with a comfortable fleece pad and breathable mesh. At nearly 25% off, it is a cost-conscious choice to ensure your pet's comfort during travel.

Image credit: Amazon

4. Cooling Pet Bed - $29.24

Coming in multiple sizes, this easy-to-clean, easy-to-assemble Elevated Pet Bed is your pet's dream and will help assist your pets in their dreams as well.

Image credit: Amazon

5. Cat Fountain - $27

What is this amusing thing, your cat asks? Why it's a cat drinking fountain because your cat needs to play and drink at the same time.

Image credit: Amazon

6. Pet Hair Remover - $24.99

Shedding is every owner's nightmare, so alleviate that stress with the useful, multi-surface Pet Hair Remover, which removes the hassle of sticky tape rollers while achieving a cleaner result.

Image credit: Amazon

7. Digestive Supplement for Dogs & Cats - $16.64

With more than 20 years of pet retail experience, Super Snout has introduced the best pumpkin-flavored digestive supplement on the market, aiding gastric distress and improving gut health for your pet.

Image credit: Amazon

8. Dog Harness - $34.95

No more neck strains with this chic, pleasantly padded full-body harness for your best boy. The best is never enough for your canine friend's ultimate comfort.

Image credit: Amazon

9. Pet and Security Camera - $34.99

Ever wondered what your pets do at home? Wonder no more with the help of the Petcube Indoor Security Camera. With night vision and two-way audio, say goodbye to separation anxiety as you can finally talk to your puppy all day from your office.

Image credit: Amazon

10. Dog DNA Test - $159

Worried that your new puppy might have genetic health diseases? This Dog DNA Test helps screen more than 230,000 genetic markers to quickly ease your worries instead of a dreaded trip to the vet.

Image credit: Amazon