Democratic presidential candidate Amy Klobuchar welcomed in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- US Senator Amy Klobuchar was welcomed by a packed crowd at a fundraiser Thursday night. She had a chance to let people know what she stands for.

"It's time to bridge the river of our divide to get to a higher plain in our politics."

Klobuchar promises to work across the aisle and help reunite a country she sees as divided. Many, like Jeff and Tina Kroot, already support her.

"I grew up in the mid-west and I can see that mid-western quality in her personality which relates easily to a lot of people," said Jeff.

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"I think she's a real problem solver. I think she approaches everything as a problem and we can deal with it, figure out how to handle it," Tina said.

Political Scientist, Professor Melinda Jackson says Klobuchar has appeal.

"She might be more appealing to some of those democratic voters who may be switched and went to Trump and maybe can be brought back into the democratic fold."

But Klobuchar doesn't have the name recognition like Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders, which could hurt her chances at a real shot at the Presidency.

With so many hats in the democratic ring, tonight at least, there's just one name that rises to the top.

The chants for Klobuchar could be heard on the street.
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