Storm triggers flooding concerns at Anderson Reservoir

Friday, February 17, 2017
Storm triggers flooding concerns at Anderson Reservoir
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Officials are keeping a close eye on the Anderson Reservoir in Morgan Hill that is at 99 percent capacity.

MORGAN HILL, Calif. (KGO) -- All over the Bay Area, people are keeping a close eye on very full reservoirs, including in Morgan Hill where they're taking precautions as the next round of rain moves in.

The Anderson Reservoir is at 99 percent capacity, so water is being drained from it, but while they do that it causes another possible issue -- flooding down the Coyote Creek.

There are a number of low lying communities that are close to the flood plain so there is a risk they could flood. The reservoir is only supposed to be at 68 percent capacity because of seismic concerns. So water officials really need to get it below that level to make it safe in case there is a really big earthquake.

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With the rain today and over the next couple of days, Anderson Reservoir could reach full capacity, at that point. The water will also begin spilling over the top of the dam into a concrete spillway designed to relieve pressure. Only one reservoir out of the 10 in Santa Clara County is currently spilling, but four others are above 90 percent.

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