$1,500 San Jose studio is rented to two cats, not people

ByJobina Fortson via KGO logo
Tuesday, January 15, 2019
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Louise and Tina live in a quiet Silicon Valley studio. The two girls are best friends - and cats.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Louise and Tina live in a quiet Silicon Valley studio. The two girls are best friends and cats.

"They don't drink," David Callisch, their landlord said. "They don't smoke, they don't play loud music."

Callisch couldn't be happier with the two tenants renting the 425-square-foot studio behind his home for $1,500 a month. Before your jaw hits the floor, the average studio in San Jose rents for around $1,900 bucks, according to Rent Café.

"This wasn't my life long vision or dream to have cats as tenants," Callisch said. "It just worked out that way."

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"They can never screw up the electronics," Callisch said jokingly. "That's another good thing."

Callisch was going to use the space outfitted with a bathroom, sink, and television for Airbnb. However, his friend's daughter, Victoria Amith, was leaving for college at Azusa Pacific University. Her father was moving as well and they needed a place for Amith's pets.

"I don't have the high standard of like, 'Wow my cats need a whole house to themselves,' but that's just kind of how the cards worked out," Amith said.

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Victoria Amith's father pays the rent.

Once word got out about the "kitty crib," the criticism rolled in.

The Bay Area is in the midst of a housing and homelessness crisis. Many feel the space could be used for people.

"I would much rather have people in here that could use the place, but there's not much use for it other than staying one night or having cats," Callisch said.

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"I'll stay in there sometimes," Amith said. "My dad will stay in there sometimes, you know it's a shared little space."

The living arrangement doesn't seem to be permanent. Amith hopes to take the cats once she moves off campus.

She's a freshman now. In the meantime, Louise and Tina have to abide by their lease.