New app lets you wake up with a complete stranger

ByJeff Ehling KGO logo
Saturday, December 13, 2014
Wakey app
Wakey is a new type of alarm clock app that has a random stranger 'call' you to wake you up

Wake up with a stranger! It's not what you think.

A new app called "Wakie" lets random strangers wake you up in the morning. Or, if you prefer, the app lets you be the one giving the wake up call.

Before you hit the snooze button on this idea, the app does not share your phone number with anyone.

Here's how it works. You set an alarm using Wakie. When the time comes, the app connects your smart phone with that of someone willing to get your day started on the sunny side.

Some of the app's 1.7 million users say it's better than an alarm because you can't hit the snooze button on Wakie. If someone is less than cheerful or downright rude, there is a way to report it.

The app is free. Rise and Shine!