Apple Watch completely ruined after dropping it once on pavement

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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Will the Apple Watch survive a single unlucky mistake? This product reviewer shows it doesn't take much to ruin the hottest new wearable gadget. Watch below.

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TechRax tested the 42mm Apple Watch Sport's durability by dropping it on a concrete sidewalk with just two drops.

"Let's just say we're putting the watch on our wrist, and the bands are kind of slippery, and the watch slips! What happens?" says the product reviewer in the video.

The first drop, meant to imitate a very probable mistake of dropping the watch while taking it off from the wrist, fared well with little to no visible damage. However, when dropping the watch face-down, it did not survive unscathed.

While TechRax only dropped the watch at about 3 1/2 feet from the ground, the watch's display glass is completely covered in scratches and micro-fractures, proving that such an unlucky mishap could effectively ruin the expensive timepiece.

"Wow. Are you serious, Apple?" says TechRax in the video.

At this point, the product reviewer was so astonished at how badly the watch's display has been ruined, he throws a bit of a temper tantrum. After throwing the watch down in disgust, the entire watch explodes, though also proves that the Apple Watch cannot withstand any bit of brutal force.

The Apple Watch Sport does not have the more durable 'Sapphire' glass display that some of the higher-end models do, so TechRax believes you should shop with caution. According to the Apple Watch warranty, such damage resulting from a drop may not be covered.

ABC reached out to Apple for comment, though they have not responded at this time.

Before this viral hit, TechRax's video of boiling an iPhone in Coca-Cola four months ago broke the internet, and has since amassed over 12.5 million views.