S.F. Obama supporters celebrate Iowa win

January 4, 2008 1:01:59 AM PST
Republican Mike Huckabee and democrat Barack Obama emerged as the big winners in Iowa.

Both took time to thank their supporters.

"Because tonight, what we've seen is a new night in American politics. A new day is needed in American politics just like a new day is needed in American government. Tonight, it starts here in Iowa, but it doesn't end here as it goes to all the other states and ends in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue one year from now," said former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee (R) presidential candidate.

Together ordinary people can do extraordinary things because we are not a collection of red states or blue states. We are the United States of America and in this moment and this election we are ready to believe again. Thank you Iowa," said Senator Barack Obama, (D) Illinois.

In San Francisco, Barack Obama's supporters celebrated tonight at the Tosca cafe in San Francisco.

Obama supporters couldn't be happier. They say tonight marks a new beginning, a new chapter for America. With the tightest of the polls on the past couple of days, who actually would come out ahead in Iowa was anyone's guess.

The fact that Obama won was the icing on the cake. Obama supporters came to Tosca's in North Beach to watch the elections returns, and as the night went on, hopeful optimism turned into pure elation.

"I think this is great, this is wonderful historic milestone. We are going to be electing an African-American in this country and it's also what's important is that keep in mind that this is a state that is 95-percent white, three-percent black," said Obama supporter Paul Hogarth.

"I think the Bushes and the Clintons the day and the era is over. It's a time to move on and to move with a different movement and stop fighting the old fights, and move over to a new generation and just a different way of doing things," said Obama supporter Sam Suleman.

"I expect us to win New Hampshire. We are going to work very hard as if we are behind. That's the idea," said Obama supporter Zennie Abraham.

Across town it was quite a different scenario for supporters of Hillary Clinton. Clinton finished third, a huge setback for the senator who just weeks ago, was considered the favorite in the Democratic nomination.

For Clinton and her supporters, it's now time to re-group and focus in New Hampshire.