Relief for North Bay residents

January 4, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
Good news for North Bay residents. San Anselmo Creek, which flooded in 2005, is well below flood stage after Friday's powerful storm.

The creek did threaten to rise during the night and they had to institute an emergency system where they had to call people in flood-prone areas. It's just part of the fact of life of living there.

The fast-moving water in the San Anselmo Creek brings charm to the town, but also is its worst enemy. The floods of 2005 are still fresh in the minds of the people who live there.

Much of downtown San Anselmo was a ghost town on Friday. Businesses closed until there was a drop in the creek level which is monitored by a computer at the police department. The level managed to reach nine feet at one point, just two feet below flood stage.

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