Bay Area cleanup crews showing progress

January 7, 2008 1:28:46 PM PST
Those who were hit hard by the storms in the Bay Area are now racing to clean up the problems before the next storm hits.

Laguna Honda Hospital in San Francisco is in its last two years of construction with three new buildings being built. Thanks to Friday's storm, construction there is quiet today.

Howling winds knocked down some of the scaffolding on the east wing and workers put up white shrink wrap walls to keep the sheetrock dry. However, high winds shredded the walls and fierce winds took out some of the surrounding trees.

The hospital says none of the construction workers were injured as Turner Construction stopped all work today until the damage can be thoroughly assessed. Turner expects to resume work on Tuesday.

The new buildings will house nearly 800 more beds and are slated for completion towards the end of 2009.

The storm's damage has affected many people in the Bay Area, including some residents in the Oakland Hills. There has been a lot of progress in cleaning up that area since a massive mudslide on Friday.

Oakland Hills homes are known for their steep driveways which caused many homes to look like muddy rivers. City crews were out there during the weekend and hauled it all away.

Amazingly, one home on Oakwood Drive that was severely damaged by slides, was cleaned up just over the weekend. Fortunately, the homeowner had an influential neighbor: California Attorney General Jerry Brown.

Brown lives above the damaged home and watched as mud continued to slide down the hill while his neighbor's frustrations continued to mount. Sure enough, major progress was made over the weekend and the home was no longer yellow tagged.

The owners of the house are glad it's over but are a little nervous about being back inside their house. However, they are very grateful for all the progress that was made throughout the weekend. Although it is dry today, more rain is expected to hit the Bay Area in the next few days.

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