Audrey's fashion tips: holding light fabrics in place

Here are some quick fashion tips from Audrey Mansfield on how to look your best.

Weights to hold lightweight and sheer fabrics in place.
Tiny weights - just use any flat weighted bead.
Try Bliss Beads from any local craft store.
Curtain weights ½" or 1"- $1.59 for 4.
Magnets - from Pearl Art Supply (or any bead store).

Set the mood with lighting and self-tanner.
Soft pink light bulbs (60 watts).
Approx. $5.00-6.49 for 2 bulbs.

Burt's Bees Radiance Body Lotion
Jergen's Natural Glow

Keep your pants from dragging
Zakkers- temporary pant rollup wrapper
$24.00 for set of Zakkerz.

Or make your own with grosgrain ribbon:
Ribbon-from Pearl Art Supply

How to prevent your shoe from slipping
Band-Aid Blister Block (Walgreen's, Target).

Foot Petals $12 one pair

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