Steady rain raises concerns in Pacifica

January 25, 2008 12:00:00 AM PST
In Pacifica, they're hoping the power stays on during this storm. During the last big storm the lights were out for days.

So far on Friday, Pacifica has been hit with consistent, steady rain throughout the day. Signs are ready to go along the pier in case they need to warn drivers of flooding.

Police say they have been watching the creeks and no flooding has been reported. The ocean looks pretty calm. However, businesses along the coast have their sandbags ready, just in case.

The weather, though, doesn't seem to phase people who live and work in Pacifica.

"The water came through the front door and we have the guys just push it out, we have blow dryers and we have something to suck up the water from the carpets. We just put the sandbags out and just keep watching the water. There's not much you can do," says Cindy Garabedian, a restaurant manger. "We try to not seat people by the windows, but they want to look out there and see what's going on. They say they don't care if the water comes through."

Police say high tide this afternoon is when things could get dicey and some roads may have to be closed.

Bay Area severe weather resources
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