Fairfax residents clean up after storms

January 26, 2008 7:33:59 PM PST
The creek that flows through downtown San Anselmo was so close to flooding, it triggered an emergency notification siren last Saturday night.

While that area was spared, folks just to the west weren't so lucky, and on Saturday, some are dealing with a big cleanup.

It was the main topic of conversation in San Anselmo on Saturday; San Angelo Creek and what it did last night.

When I drove over last night it was only about so high underneath itself, and the other bridge down there. It was looking like it was going to be a flooded San Anselmo on Friday, but it's looking okay today," said San Anselmo resident Michael Coyote.

At about 6:30 p.m. on Friday afternoon, the emergency notification siren went off, the San Anselmo Creek, rising a foot an hour had reached close to flood stage.

That means close your business and evacuate -- but it never flooded.

Barton's bagels got four feet of rain in January 2006, and couldn't help but think of that on Saturday morning.

"When I walked in I was like it is going to be flooded, so luckily we plugged the drains so nothing got sipped up and nothing came through the street. We were lucky," said Sean Silen from Barton's Bagels.

If you go just a bit west of San Anselmo, you come to Fairfax, where the creek obviously did overflow its banks, leaving a mess for homeowners like Terry Owens.

He spent his Saturday raking and sweeping.

"It was pretty bad. The water was running curve to curve, the street turned into a stream as it does in really bad storms," said Fairfax resident Terry Owens.

ABC7 Terry McSweeney: "Now the cleanup?"

Terry Owens: "Yeah now the cleanup."

A couple of blocks over, Chris Reilly told us what he saw out here Friday night.

It was like a raging river. I saw kids out there in canoes, riding up and down the streets. It was pretty bizarre; one of them was getting towed behind a jeep," said Fairfax resident Chris Reilly.

The floodgates might be left up until we get a few days of dry weather, whenever that might be.