Giuliani drops out, backs McCain

February 14, 2008 7:38:54 PM PST
New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani, once the Republican frontrunner bowed out of the presidential race on Wednesday.

Rudy Giuliani told reporters, "when you run for President, you think a lot about what it takes to accomplish great goals."

But the voters made their choice and on Wednesday, the former New York mayor made his choice official and at the same time, he pushed his support for John McCain.

"He came from way behind to go way ahead and once again displayed his tenacity, his courage, his ability to focus, his ability to get things done. I can't imagine a campaign better demonstrating who the President of the United States should be."

Giuliani has been open in his admiration of John McCain, even when they were running against each other. Both made fighting terrorists a big part of their campaigns.

"And my strong right arm, and my partner, and my friend in this effort will be the former mayor of New York City. An American hero, Rudy Giuliani. I'm deeply honored," said McCain.

Questioned about adding Giuliani to the ticket as his Vice President, McCain said it was way too early to be thinking about that. When a reporter asked Giuliani where his campaign went wrong, McCain ended the news conference, saying it was time to prepare for the debate.

ABC 7 political analyst, Bruce Cain, says the endorsement keeps the spotlight on McCain.

"Part of what's going on here is voters are trying to figure out who's most likely going to win, who's got the hot hand right now, and I think right now, it's John McCain and he would like to keep that impression going up to February 5th," says Cain.

On Tuesday night, Mitt Romney conceded his second place finish in Florida and took a swipe at John McCain.

"I think it's time for the politicians to leave Washington and the citizens to take over. It's kind of hard at this point to say how it's going to work out, but in a two person race with myself and Senator McCain, I like my chances," says Romney.

Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger told reporters at the Reagan Library that Thursday he will join John McCain at an event to promote the environment. However, he added that he's not endorsing anyone just yet.

"Two candidates on the Democratic side that could be very effective and compete and there are two or three on the Republican side that also could win so I think we have some strong candidates there," says Schwarzenegger.