New product makes keyboard clean-up easier

February 20, 2008 3:09:53 PM PST
Have you taken a close look at your computer keyboard lately? There's a good chance it's dirty. There's a new product that promises to make cleaning your keyboard a lot easier.

We bet you've done this before: eat, talk and type at the same time. Even if you're careful, food can end up on the keys and even inside the area between the keys.

"I've got a little bit of food action here. I tend to be a little bit sloppy when I'm working and eating since I don't get much time to leave my desk," says Joe Belluomini of Coit staffing.

Actually, Joe Belluomini is helping us out by putting the Unotron SpillSeal Wireless Washable keyboard to the test.

"A little mess on the keyboard here."

It's all an act, but with a good purpose -- to see if the keyboard can take a licking and keep on clicking.

"I just searched our accessory closet the other day just to find out there was no keyboards left in the office, so we went through 10 keyboards in the last six months. So if this keyboard can actually withstand eating lunch at my desk and can actually wash off in the faucet, we've got a winner," says Belluomini.

So although he's kidding around for the camera, a keyboard like this would really help around his office.

"This is some type of smear, should we smear it on?"

Now it's becoming a bit hard to take.

"I can't really see the keys unless I spread it out, so let's spread it out. It doesn't appear to be ... yes it is. It is still working."

So test number one: it works when a total mess.

"The real test is going to be how well it washes off."

True enough. So he washes the keyboard under the faucet. If you watch the video and look closely at the keys you'll see there isn't any membrane over the keys. It looks like a normal keyboard.

Then he adds in dishwashing soap. We shake the water off of it and go back to the computer and..

"The keyboard is still working. That's how good technology is getting. It is keeping up with heavy users like myself who can really can be rough on things."

The wireless model is $80 dollars. The wired versions go for $50 dollars but discounts can be found.

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