Democratic supporters flood SF streets

February 5, 2008 2:59:26 PM PST
Volunteers from the Democratic campaigns are pushing hard for last-minute votes.For campaigners it's now or never and the last minute push is on right now. There were so many Hillary and Barack supporters getting car drivers to honk their horns, you couldn't tell which side the drivers were supporting. Those people with the signs knew who they liked and why. "I just feel he could bring us together and just the guy to get it done," says Ebony McKinney, Obama supporter. At 24th and mission, it was Barack Obama supporters on three corners. Not far away, a woman taking her son to school was voting Hillary. "When Bill was in there, we didn't have wars. Nobody was trying to blow us up. I just miss the old times, the peaceful times," says Karen Aguilar, Clinton supporter. At the Obama headquarters on Market Street, one woman gave her choice a lot of thought. "I was looking for a woman to vote support, but I just don't think it's the time. I just think he (Obama) brings more to the table, not just for woman, but for all walks of life" says Nancy Calibjo, Obama supporter. Throughout the entire Bay Area and the entire county, there stands a person with a sign, a cause, and a dream. A lot of excitement and horn honking is translating to a huge turnout in voting. We are told that the voting turnout is moderate to heavy in San Francisco, far heavier than the recent mayoral vote.