Friends, family and money

February 26, 2008 5:17:26 PM PST
Do you have a sibling who always borrows money, but never pays you back? Or a friend who never picks up the tab for lunch? Jeanne Fleming and Leonard Schwarz were here to give us insight to a much dreaded and sometimes taboo topic, money. They are the authors of "Isn't It Their Turn To Pick Up The Check?"

Isn't It Their Turn To Pick Up the Check? Dealing with All of the Trickiest Money Problems Between Family and Friends, from Serial Borrowers to Serious Cheapskates
By Jeanne Fleming and Leonard Schwarz
Free Press Hardcover
Simon & Schuster
book number: 1-4165-4200-0
Price: $21.00

Isn't It Their Turn offers a fascinating tour of the secret life of other people's money disputes and delivers witty, down-to-earth advice for dealing with all the maddening problems any one of us could confront at any time.

Jeanne Fleming, Ph.D., and Leonard Schwarz are the authors of Do the Right Thing, a column on money, ethics, and relationships that appears in "Money" magazine. They also write a blog with the same name that is featured twice a month on The couple resides in Palo Alto, California.