Dublin's Little Asia

February 27, 2008 6:28:39 PM PST
Nick Smith takes a trip to Asia, without ever boarding a plane! Dublin Ulferts Center welcomes you! The newest shopping center in the Tri-Valley area is now fully open. Explore a wide array of distinctive shops, nail, hair and beauty spa, professional services, or visit one of our 13 exquisite restaurants, and take your taste buds on a new adventure. Come discover Dublin Ulferts Center today. Let us take you on an enchanting journey that'll delight your spirit.

Web site: www.ulferts.com/dublin

4288 Dublin Boulevard
Dublin, CA 94568
Phone: (925) 828-6688

www.ulferts.com/dublin - Halu Shabu Shabu
www.ulferts.com/dublin - Vin Pearl
www.ulferts.com/dublin - Kee Wah Bakery
www.ulferts.com/dublin - Macau Bistro
www.ulferts.com/dublin - Koi Garden Dim Sum