Inside See's candy factory

March 4, 2008 5:02:35 PM PST
Easter is a few weeks away and that means store shelves are filling up with traditional egg-shaped candy, chocolate bunnies, marshmallow peeps, and Cadbury creme eggs. Leigh Glaser is live at See's Candy in South San Francisco with lots of sweets.

See's Candy factory
210 El Camino Real, South San Francisco
Web site:

Phone: See's mouth-watering Easter confections are available at more than 200 See's Candy Shops, or by calling (800) 347-7337.

Fun See's Easter facts:

    Total eggs produced for Easter: 5,106,275
    Total pounds of egg produced: 604,000
    Total eggs produced in one day: 360,000
    Days to complete a hand decorated egg: 7
    Eggs decorated per day: 3,600
    Roses made for eggs: 267,123
    Average number of years decorating experience: 6
    Total years decorating experience: 51
    Total years worked at See's by decorators: 143

    Process to produced decorated egg:
    1. hand mold
    2. wait 2 days
    3. first coat of chocolate
    4. wait 2 more days
    5. 2nd coat of chocolate
    6. hand decorate
    7. dry overnight
    8. box in packing

    See's Easter items include:
  • Hand-Decorated Eggs - This signature item features special ingredients blended into delicious combinations, rolled by hand into the familiar egg shape and carefully covered with milk or dark chocolate coatings. The eggs are then sent to specially trained decorators, who carefully apply by hand the delicate sugar roses, buds and garlands. Flavors include: Chocolate Butter, Chocolate Butter with Walnuts or Pecans, Rocky Road, Peanut Butter and Mayfair with Cherries & Pecans (Prices range from $5 - $14.10).

  • Easter Surprise Basket - NEW - A pretty basket brimming with so many goodies, you won't be able to decide which to try first! Selection includes a 6.2 oz. candy-filled Novelty Egg, six-pack of Chocolate Assorted Eggs, a 4 oz. Dark Sarah Siler.