Make up and brush essentials

Makeup Brushes
Nine makeup brushes no woman should live without. Makeup brushes come in animal hair or with synthetic bristles.

    Animal or Synthetic
    Sable or Nylon
    Pony or Taklon

Here are Audrey's choices:

  1. Foundation Brush with Taklon Bristles
    For a flawless finish a Taklon Foundation Brush will give you a perfectly blended look.
  2. Eyeliner Brush
    The eyeliner brush can be used with cake, cream, powder and liquid liner to create a fine line close to your eyelashes.
  3. Lipstick Brush
    Using a lip brush allows you to achieve a perfect lip line and you will find your lipstick will stay on longer.
  4. Large Blending Brush
    This brush is used to apply your base color and your lash to crease color and it should have soft bristles.
  5. Defining Brush
    This brush is designed for precision color placement on your eyelid crease and for smudging and softening liner.
  6. Angled Brush
    This brush is used to define your brows and for color placement under your lower lashes.
  7. Concealer Brush
    The concealed brush is used under your eye area around the nose and mouth and for camouflaging any blemishes.
  8. Powder Brush
    Find a flat powder brush it is so much better for placement and you will use less product than if you use the dome powder brush.

Brushes featured in this segment:
MAC Duo Fibre Brush, for an air-brushed finish, blend bronzer or foundation, $42.00
Sephora Brushes at Sephora, prices vary
Teddy Bear Hair Kabuki Brush by Too Faced at Sephora, $28.50
ELF Brushes, $1.00 each

Taking care of makeup Brushes:
Daily Care:
Spray brush cleaner on a tissue and wipe your brushes after use.

    *Or can use rubbing alcohol to sterilize your brushes in the same way.
    * Eye makeup remover can be use in this same way for synthetic brushes.
Wash your brushes in baby shampoo and lay them flat to dry on paper towels.

Makeup Bags

Gabbi Makeup Bag by Benefit, $26
Full of pouches & pockets! Easy to clean--just give it a wipe! You know what's important for a makeup all-nighter, and you fit it all in your nifty little bag.
For more info:

1154 Lill Studio
Leslie bag in the Dotted Camel $38
Christie bag in Red Hot Cougar $58

    1154 LILL Studio is the original "design-your-own" custom handbag line. The LILL experience is all about creativity, customization and fun! Customers get to design their own LILL bag from start to finish by selecting from a variety of shapes and hundreds of fresh, ever-changing fabrics for the exterior, interior, straps and more. The brand is all about individuality and expressing your inner creativity. From must-have makeup bags and adorable headbands, to stylish evening bags.
    For more info:

3-zip cosmetic bag, $18

ORE Crazy Paisley Sophia Tote Set, $36 (set of 3)
Made of Cotton. Set includes small, medium and large zip closure totes.

Trish McEvoy "The Planner"
Planner $55 (case alone),
You can also purchase makeup "pages," or the portable beauty brush set $65

    The Planner system was created by Trish McEvoy to "simplify" all of you cosmetics in one place. The Planner is a time-saving, clutter-cutting, mess-free makeup carryall that forces you to be organized. The Planner looks like a daily daytime planner from afar, but unzips to reveal a two-ring binder that holds Trish McEvoy "pages," plastic inserts with magnetic strips on which to organize Trish McEvoy makeup anyway you like. Items in the set include a Brush 48 Blending Brush, All Over Eye Brush, Va Va Voom Smudge Brush, and a Covered Lip Brush.

    Look for Trish McEvoy cosmetics at Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus and select Nordstrom, as well as specialty stores. For more information on Trish McEvoy:
    calling 1 (800) 431-4306, or go to:

Audrey's Makeup Bag Must-Haves

    Pressed Powder
    Lip Balm
    Lipstick or Gloss
    Eyeliner Pencil
    Eyelash Curler
    Quad Eye shadow
    A skincare item
    Washable makeup bag

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