War anniversary preparations underway

March 18, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
Anti-war demonstrators who plan to protest in San Francisco on Wednesday, spent this evening preparing signs and banners. The big event is at 5 PM at Civic Center Plaza. Muni officials say riders and drivers should expect street closures, detours and heavy traffic. On Tuesday night, in the South Bay, different kinds of preparations are underway for folks with a lot invested in the war.

"We always have this sign," said Jean Shuh, a San Jose resident.

Willow Glen's corner people, as they call themselves, are getting ready for Wednesday.

"It's non partisan. Yeah, it's the cause that's the issue," said Shuh.

Their issue is the war in Iraq and for its five year anniversary, the group will stand at the corner of Lincoln and Minnesota, in San Jose to protest.

"I feel strongly about what our country is doing and it's the loss of life that's not necessary and think of the disruption this has caused everywhere," said Shuh.

That includes another San Jose home. "I aged a lot since then," said Veteran Steve Edwards.

It's where Steve Edwards lives, with his wife, his daughter, and his memories of Iraq. He returned, three years ago, with a severe case of post traumatic stress disorder, and without three fellow soldiers. He wears this bracelet in their memory.

"I would've hoped by now the war would be winding down. It's moving along too slowly and unfortunately too many lives are being lost in the process," said Edwards.

While he hopes for change, in Santa Clara there is certainty of progress and success in Iraq.

For Blue Star Moms, staying positive is a part of life. Their children, who are serving in the military, depend on it. And so they meet monthly to talk give support to one another, and pray.

Finishing the war could take time, but there is one thing everyone in San Jose shares, a hope that it won't take another five years for the war to end.