Parenting tweens and teens

March 27, 2008 10:27:01 AM PDT
In light of today's turmoil surrounding celebrity teens, learn how to help your tweens and teens make the right choices.

In light of today's celebrity teens and their bad reputations, you can help your tweens and teens make the right choices. So, how do you approach the topic with your kids? Britt Michaelian, Founder and CEO of Responsible Family Company was here to help us answer that question.

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  1. Limit exposure to tabloids, reality TV and websites like Perez Hilton, My Space, and You Tube.
  2. Have the big talks NOW, before tweens are immersed in peer pressure.
  3. Know where, with whom and what your children are doing at all times.
  4. Praise your children and support them as often as possible to build their self esteem.

About Britt Michaelian
As a young mother, Britt Michaelian often found herself giving advice to her friends about safety, discipline, parenting issues and family resources among other things, especially while she was working in the pediatric unit of California Pacific Medical Center, in San Francisco. It was after her second daughter was born, that a business idea began to turn into reality. Britt wanted to help people and she figured out a way to do it!

Britt has background in art, a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, as well as Art Therapy, and is a mother of three. Britt attained a great deal of knowledge about relationships, safety, health and responsibility. Over a two year period, she researched safety methods and practices and used her creative skills to write, direct and produce the award winning video "Care for Kids: The Essential Guide to Preparing Caregivers ." This program is designed to prepare caregivers in the event of a medical emergency, while adding tips any parent would want a caregiver to know. With the help of emergency room physician, Dr. Wayne Warrington, Britt developed a program that all parents will want anyone caring for their child to experience- multiple times.