How to survive in a household of men

April 2, 2008 12:00:00 AM PDT
Better understand your boyfriends, husbands and even sons, while still retaining your identity as a woman.

If the men in your life have ever driven you crazy, this may provide some relief. Sharon O'Donnell is a mother of three boys and the author of "House of Testosterone: One Mom's Survival in a Household of Males," and shares her advice for moms in this situation.

Sharon's tips on how to survive raising boys:

  1. Savor the Moments - One day my 7-year-old might be 6'5" like my 16 year old, when he climbs into my lap. Sometimes I remind myself of this and to appreciate that moment.
  2. Dig Deeper - Tap into emotions, don't let them give one word answers to things you know they have an opinion on.
  3. Find a good time to connect with them.
  4. Bring Out Their Nurturing Side - Show affection to them. Pets also help to do this.
  5. Knowing When to Advocate for them and when to step back.
  6. Have fun with them - Shoot hoops in the driveway, follow their favorite sports teams with them.
Ways to retain identity as a woman in a household of guys
  • Nurture friendships (Don't put them on the backburner)
  • Find your passion and pursue it.
  • Make sure you have some alone time.
  • Pamper yourself (even if it is just spending some time getting ready to go somewhere)
  • Don't feel guilty about taking the time to do this.
Lessons Learned about Male/Female Relationships
  • Try to accept that the male brain is wired differently.
  • You have to connect the dots. (Guys don't explain things like we do.)
  • We talk about feelings while they feel compelled to report sports scores.
  • Women need to feel understood, while men don't feel that need.
  • Vent to friends before you explode.
  • They are not being rude intentionally; they are sincerely oblivious.
From book: "Some Sure Signs You're the Mom of Boys"
  • You can get your sons to eat broccoli just by telling them whoever eats the most, wins.
  • They flush only when your in the shower.
  • Your son thinks PMS is the new Playstation video game system.
  • Your most dreaded chore is not cleaning toilets, but it's cleaning the floor around the toilets.

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