Obama visits Bay Area for fundraising


Senator Barack Obama arrived here in the Bay Area and shook hands with people who gathered on the sidewalk to greet him before he went inside the getty mansion. He is on a quick seven hour tour throughout the Bay Area where he is expected to raise a few million dollars from just four events. He's trying to tap the last few dollars out of those well heeled contributors who have not maxed out their contributions to his campaign.

"Im excited," says Dr. Joan Lester of Berkeley

Lester is one of about 500 people who were expected at this private fundraiser in Atherton Sunday afternoon. As a long time feminist, she thinks even though he's a man, Senator Barack Obama is the right candidate.

"To think that I would not be supporting the female that is running, but I think actually he has what we would classically consider a more feminine leadership style, which is to be more inclusive," says Lester.

Jim Lloyd is a Senator Obama contributor from San Francisco. He disagrees with having Hillary Clinton drop out of this primary race in favor of the delegate leading Obama.

"I personally would be happy if she would pull out, but I think she has the right to continue . I know she has a lot of passionate supporters who haven't had a chance to vote yet," says Lloyd.

The luncheon was a $2,300 dollar plate affair with some up close and personal time with the Senator. Saeed Amidi, who is the president of Sunnyvale's Plug and Play, has already maxed out his $2,300 dollar contribution to the Senator.

He held a private fundraiser last June at his company in Sunnyvale for Senator Obama. It netted the Senator more than $100,000 dollars. Amidi says Obama speaks to the immigrants who are part of Silicon Valley's success stories.

"As you can tell from today, and they all kind of feel that the U.S. is a land of opportunity and we should have a better political system," says Amidi.

On Sunday, the campaign also targeted well heeled supporters at fundraisers in Kentfield, A $1,000 dollar event on Jackson Street, and the $2,300 dollar per person meet and greet at the getty home in Pacific Heights. All are private affairs.

Volunteers also set up a phone bank to talk to Democrats in Pennsylvania, where the next primary is on April 22nd.

To date, Senator Obama has raised $200 million dollars for his campaign, faster than any other presidential candidate, and most of that comes from individuals that are giving less than $100 dollars each.

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