Driver shot and killed in San Leandro


Witnesses say the driver of a Range Rover was shot in the Washington Plaza Shopping Center.

Police aren't sure whether the killer was a carjacker, or inside that Range Rover, but they believe the shooter is hiding in a nearby neighborhood.

The driver of a white Range Rover was shot to death late on Monday.

The shooting happened in the west Esdudillo entrance to Washington Plaza in San Leandro at about 11:30 a.m.

Reports from witnesses vary. The daughter of the woman whose car was directly behind the victims car during the shooting told us off camera it was an attempted car jacking.

"The guy pulls out a gun and shoots him when he shoots him he falls back on my mothers car," said a witness.

Police officers at the scene told us off camera the shooting suspect was actually a passenger in the car. Police say an official version has to wait until the investigation is complete.

Some San Leandro police officers told us that right after the shooting occurred, witnesses say the suspect ran away from the white Range Rover and headed out through the shopping center to a nearby neighborhood, with witnesses chasing after him.

"There were about 10 officers searching the backyards," said said Mary Freitas.

Canine units and police officers carrying automatic rifles and shotguns carefully searched every back yard in a 12 square block area this afternoon near the shopping plaza.

Mary Freitas, who lives on Castro Street, was warned by her grandson that a shooting suspect was loose nearby.

"He comes in and says grandma, grandma lock your doors lock your doors, because someone saw a guy jumping the fences there was a shooting," said Freitas.

The search worried neighbors in the area.

"Even with the doors locked it's not safe," said a neighbor.

The streets were cordoned off and every available San Leandro Police Officer was searching for the shooting suspect.

A police helicopter passed over the neighborhood at around 6:00 p.m., but police called off the search shortly after, but they have not found the suspect.

Anyone with information is asked to call the San Leandro Police Department.

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