Liquor store robbed in Oakland


It's the third small store shoot-up in just eight days. This time, it was on 12th Street.

Business owners in Oakland are so fed up with the latest string of robberies that they are fighting back.

It happened again. Another shoot-out during a liquor store robbery in West Oakland and it's the third in eight days.

"I feel bad, I feel bad," said Family Market owner Abdul Omar.

The owner of the store, Abdul Omar, had just seen his employee taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

Investigators say just before 9:30 on Friday morning, two men, at least one armed with a gun, punched the clerk in the head and took cash.

Officers say the clerk was also armed with two handguns and chased the robbers onto the street, firing at them.

"Two firearms were recovered from inside," said Sgt. Randy Bandino from the Oakland Police Department.

With the increase in robberies in the Oakland area, many clerks are protecting themselves with guns.

In East Oakland, Pedro Pulido was only slightly injured when shot in the hip during a robbery Saturday night.

He shot the suspected robber several times, sending him to the hospital in critical condition.

"We got cameras and we a got a gun too," said Abdul Wali from N&A Market.

Abdul Wali was robbed about seven months ago in an East Oakland liquor store. He moved to N&A Market in west Oakland, but feels just as unsafe.

"In the news, robbery, robbery, someone got shot, somebody got killed," said Wali.

Oakland police officers have made a couple of arrests related to the eight takeover robberies at East Bay restaurants over the past month.

They've also met with business owners about quicker response times and more officers.

Whatever is done, liquor store clerks are waiting and hoping they're not next.

"If the robber comes, you can't do nothing. Yes, you know, you give up," said Wali.

Family Market remains locked down after Friday morning's robbery. Investigators say the guns used by the store clerk during the robbery appear to be legal.

ABC7 News Talked to an Oakland Police sergeant and asked what should people do if they are confronted by armed robbers, and he said that people should cooperate and escape with their lives.

He also said that the small store clerk and owners have the right to arm themselves and fight back.

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