SJ Fire Dept. gets sued over porn


/*Julie La Blanc*/ started working at fire station six back in 1992, but it wasn't until last summer that some very inappropriate things started happening.

In a suit filed in /*Santa Clara County Superior Court*/, the single mother of two says her young son found a pornographic magazine in the men's room, while he was visiting the station. She told her supervisor, who she says, did nothing.

Then, La Blanc says City Employee Relations were contacted and they too did nothing. The harassment and retaliation from coworkers started, which in turn caused her a great deal of stress.

Still, La Blanc's main concern is over other children who may stumble upon pornographic magazines, which she says are all over the fire station.

"She and another firefighter found an entire locker filled with hardcore pornographic materials. These aren't just Playboys or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition. This is some really ugly stuff, and it was incredibly offensive," said Attorney /*Joshua Boxer*/.

"We'd like to say these things aren't true, but sometimes they are. And if they are, we you know again, the city takes it very seriously and appropriate action will be taken," said City Attorney /*Rick Doyle*/.

La Blanc is still working at the fire station, as an engineer. She's suing the City for financial compensation for pain and suffering.

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