What's safe to use on your child's teeth?

Tips for healthy teeth in your kids:

  • Bring your child to the dentist by the age of 1.
  • Kids can use mouthwash if it has fluoride in it so that it can help prevent cavities. Suitable only for children who are old enough to spit.
  • Once a child gets a cavity in their first set of teeth, they're more likely to get cavities in their permanent teeth throughout their life.
  • Electric toothbrushes are okay to use. Any toothbrush that gets your kid to brush is a good brush.

Great Shape needs donations, besides monetary, like dental supplies and toothbrushes. You can even be a volunteer in Jamaica where all your food and accomodations are covered.

For more information, visit: www.gsjamaica.org or call (415) 235-6207.

About Great Shape Inc:

Great Shape! Inc. cares for children in Jamaica and empowers their families to create brighter futures. Our volunteers improve literacy and health care, support community development and provide plenty of diversion. Jamaica is world-renown for its beautiful beaches, exciting tourist attractions and spirit of "One Love". Jamaica is also recognized for its poverty and lack of resources.

Great Shape! Inc. started taking action in 1988 as a compassionate response to the devastation of Hurricane Gilbert. The founder, Myrtle Franklin, is known as Miss Merkle to the Jamaican children. She gathered her girlfriends and set about gathering clothes, food and money. They shipped the donations to the Western part of the Island where Miss Merkle had befriended a village. Miss Merkle has since passed on, but her spirit thrives in the work of Great Shape. Great Shape has grown into an organization of international social services. We partner with various Jamaican schools and professional organizations. We provide assistance to Jamaican children in need.

Our successful projects have focused on education, clinics, community and sports. Our mission statement is "An international partnership dedicated to empowering Jamaican children in need".

Great Shape is grass-roots, non-governmental, 501 c 3 charitable non-profit organization. Founded in Oregon, it is now headquartered in San Francisco, California. Our Board of Directors, volunteer staff, sponsors and donors work tirelessly to forge relationships with our Jamaican partners and affiliates. Our volunteers come from around the world and we receive high marks for integrity and effectiveness in our work.

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