ID thefts at Lunardi's in Los Gatos


Victims in this case say they are very frustrated. One woman talked to her bank on Tuesday after noticing a $500 fraudulent withdrawal from her bank account. Her bank said it could be seven to 10 days before she gets her money back. It seems with every passing hour in the South Bay, more and more people are realizing that they are the next victim.

"I didn't know what to think, I just know that we didn't go through all the money," said Keleigh Kaufman, ID theft victim.

Keleigh Kaufman is one of about 40 people in the South Bay who are trying to recover money after falling victim to an apparent high-tech ATM card scam that took place at Lunardi's supermarket in Los Gatos.

"The criminals seem to be getting more sophisticated, and this was a situation where they were in and out and were able to obtain a lot of debit card numbers from, as I mentioned, 40-odd some victims, and that may be climbing today," said Capt. Elana Forrest, Los Gatos police department.

Los Gatos police say someone changed out an ATM card reader in the store and managed to maintain customers card and pin numbers. Lunardi's has since replaced all of its card readers and has installed security locks on them. That is still not enough for Gary Fales who shops at the store and said he didn't use his ATM card.

"I think its little bit disturbing, I think people need to be a little bit more conscious of how they utilize their cards," said Gary Fales, shopper.

For Keleigh Kaufman it's too late, she is now on a mission to get her money back.

"My next stop is to go back to the bank, and then my next stop is to go to Lunardi's and ask why they are storing pins," said Kaufman.

Lunardi's representatives said they feel terrible for the customers who were involved in this case and they are cooperating with police. This is not the first time this has happened; in Los Altos this occurred at an AM/PM store and about 80 victims were involved in that.

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